Mergers and Acquisitions (Brazil)

Turnaround Management (Brazil and Europe)

M+A in Brazil

Brazil, as every developing country, is full with opportunities for investors. In an entrepreneurial landscape still filled with family businesses, many of them struggling to grow healthily, it frequently happens that owners want to sell or else find a partner in capital and technology to boost the company, preparing it to grow in a more and more competitive and unforgiving international environment.

More often than not, mergers or acquisitions represent an effective and quick alternative to enter the brazilian market - if the necessary precautions and professional coaching are put in place right from the beginning of the process. Usually, such projects begin with the search, on either side, seller and buyer. What makes it difficult is finding the right counterpart to match your strategies. And that is precisely what we do, for we have the know-how and the negotiation skills required for such cases. Regardless of the branch.

Putting converging interests from two  - in some cases more - different cultures together, requires complex coordination and communication skills, as well as a broad knowledge of how to make sure that the process will flow safely and productively for both parties. Our knowledge base encompasses the realities of Brazilian and European entrepreneurial cultures, making us a facilitating agent with superior technical and human knowledge that is able to successfully orchestrate such deals.

If you want to quickly build a solid business base in Brazil, we will be happy to analyze your project and give you a sober evaluation of the prospects in your line of business. That is because we do know exactly what is going on in Latin Americas biggest country and economic powerhouse. Crisis? Whenever there is a crisis in Brazil - and there have been so many  - the consequence is no other than a multiplication of opportunities. 


In Brazil as well as in Europe we apply solid management principles, learned in decades of management activity, to solve managerial knots which put the company at risk. Usually, seeking for financial or sell-out solutions will not recuperate the essence of the company´s profile. It will only use its know-how and customer base to build up a new business with diverse objectives. If your objective is truly to redirect your company to success and growth, through new value-adding capacity, we will be delighted to discuss the options for a traditional turnaround management solution. This also applies to turnaround due to ill-fated succession processes.

We follow a very simple, but equally effective method:

1. Restructure (as a result of situation analysis and assessment of the problems)

2. Eliminate constraints

3. Rebuild the team

5. Readress the market

6. Establish new control methods

7. Enhance management efficiency

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